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Founded in January 2021, we are a network for all things ATINY and ATEEZ focused on digitals and fund projects.


Our Mission

This network was made with the mind of helping Atinys help Ateez.

The Atiny Network is designed to support Atiny themselves by hearing your suggestions and turning them into organized projects, providing a one-stop hub for guides, tutorials and funding pools, as well as a drama-free space to express your concerns and ideas about anything to improve the support of our favorite pirate kings. We work together with other fanbases (including regional fanbases and translations accounts) often to coordinate larger projects and make sure everyone is on board. We value transparency, fairness, organization, creativity, and constant growth.

As we grow, we still read each and every suggestion we get in  our form submissions; however, please understand it is not feasible for us to respond to or implement every single suggestion. 

Our closest partners/collaborators are @Ateez_SMA and @AteezSystem. We have a subsidiary team @AtinyAcademy to help with digitals. Together we are Atiny Fellowship.


We are in the process of migrating to the Paypal Generosity Network for our fund projects and away from Ko-fi to avoid fees. For now, we will not be having a year round pool. Please stay tuned by following us on Twitter.
Our priority is 100% transparency.
We believe that it's important for you to be able to invest in the things that YOU think are important, therefore, we've created several options and promise to only use the funds for their specified purpose, on plans that we create together as a fandom.
Here is our donation tracker sheet.


Atiny Network and partners have prepared several resources for Atinys aside from this website.

For Important Links & Forms: Please visit our Linktree.
For Our Ateez Schedule, Voting, and Content Calendar: Click HERE. We are trying to maintain it more rigorously in 2022. To add the calendar to your Google Calendar click HERE.
Apps Tutorials: Click HERE.
Voting & Streaming: Our best resource is this website, but you can also click HERE (may be outdated).

If you are new to Ateez, atiny.net and Ateez Support Directory will help you find important documents, voting and streaming guides and instructions, all in one place.

Contact Us

Atiny, we want to gather all the information, ideas and suggestions possible in one central location and turn them into real efficient projects. We are sure that there are many Atiny out there with important information, amazing ideas and smart suggestions for promotion, comeback, voting, streaming and for this fandom as a whole and we want to hear them all.

We will help to put the pieces together into projects that can truly benefit Ateez and support Atiny in our goals as a fandom. If you have a project idea that could benefit from reach, manpower, or organization, we can also help support the project while you take the lead. In the past, we have supported projects/ideas from individuals, voting teams, and streaming teams.

You can reach us the following ways (listed in order of most to least effective): through our Linktree (preferred), through the chat options on this website, Discord DM/server message, Twitter DM (good for time sensitive questions), Other SNS DM. If you would like us to see a tweet, please DM it to us - our mentions are often too numerous to go through.

Feel free to send in questions, comments, suggestions, feedback, and more! We cannot guarantee a reply to everyone but we will try our best. Please include your @ so we can reach out to you, credit you or thank you as needed. Or if that makes you uncomfortable and you'd rather remain anonymous? That's okay too.

Once you send in a suggestion, it should get updated on our public suggestions board.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together in the future!


This page is still under construction.
Here is a list of some projects we have done so far (note that it does not include all projects) - scrolling is supported.


Our digitals project for Ateez's first 2022 comeback. Follow the project with #ALLINFORATEEZ.
Main Thread: https://twitter.com/AtinyNetwork/status/1491064212424396810
List of Open Donation Pools: https://twitter.com/AtinyAcademy/status/1492871646583345153


Digital Sales Support, Billboard and Tiktok Promo. Follow the project with #ATZFLIGHT1210.
Main Thread: https://twitter.com/AtinyNetwork/status/1468432762956759041


We sold Genie pass packages on our Ko-Fi store, managed donations, managed an ~800 person Genie stream team on Discord, supported Bugs accounts making and streaming, and more! This was the first comeback where Atiny Academy gave Genie Classes as well!

Main thread: https://twitter.com/AtinyNetwork/status/1422071380774834176
Transparency Report: 
Financial Summary: click here