1 ATEEZ are a group of 8 teens from different walks of life, who come together and bond through their own desire for self-expression in their individual lives. One summer day, Hongjoong is approached by a man dressed in black, donning a fedora and mask. He has presented an hourglass, what the man in black calls the ‘Cromer’. Hongjoong looks at this hourglass, and then back at this mysterious Man in the Black Fedora, only to find him gone, leaving Hongjoong with the Cromer.

2 There was a flash, and as the group came to discover what had happened, a voice came from outside the hideout the boys resided in. Then the door was forced open and giants clad in white, inhuman giants with masks covering their entire face appeared, looking at the Cromer. Hongjoong threw a piece of glass to distract the newcomers and the group ran away. This place was familiar, yet different to the teens. As the group ran Wooyoung broke his ankle but was saved by two siblings, at the cost of the Cromer being lost. The two siblings led the group to a different hideout in a place called Strictland Dump.

3 The siblings explain that this new dimension is one ruled by a tyrannical government. Music, art, and expression are banned, as this government deemed emotion to be the cause of crime and terrorism in this reality. Logic was favored over expression, and the world gradually enjoyed material wealth, but emotional deficiency. In response, 8 men dressed in techwear, with masks and fedoras to hide their identities began performing in the streets. They attracted more and more people, eventually creating a resistance called ‘Black Pirates’. To stop the rebellion, the government instated the ‘Andriod Guardians’, the white-clad giants, to apprehend the 8 leaders. The leaders had been able to evade arrest with the help of the Cromer, but the Andriod Guardians had proven too much, and thus they were captured.

4 To find the Cromer, the group had to find the ‘Andriod Bunker’ and for that needed the help of Left Eye, the man who ran Strictland Dump. After a scuffle, Left Eye gave them the location, the group procured a ship and began their journey to the bunker: a gallery hidden away on a small island. Once on the island, the group of 8 broke into the gallery, encountering drunk guardians sprawled across the floor, and the Men in Black Fedora trapped in glass prisons. A man removes his mask once they are noticed. He looked exactly like Hongjoong. After a brief conversation, the boys switch clothes, and the group of 7 flee in the black suits. Yeosang had gone on his own, and as he came back to his friends, noticed they had since been cornered by the Android Guardians. In a split-second decision, as Hongjoong threw the Cromer to the Guardians to save them all, Yeosang grabbed the Cromer and turned it. As the guardians began to chase Yeosang, he smashed it.

5 7 of them made it back to the original dimension. It was different again, as the boys had landed in the past before their group had even formed before the boys had all undergone tragic loss in their own ways. But now they were missing Yeosang. They wanted to find him, and through a twist of fate, found this dimension’s Cromer on display in a museum. And the members decided to go get it and save him. All except Yunho, who didn’t want to leave this timeline, as in the last timeline he would lose his brother. The members respected this, and 6 of them went on to attempt to break into the museum.

6 In this dimension, there was another competitor for the Cromer. A religion called Sciensalvar, and its leader Henry Jo. As the group of 6 broke into the museum to retrieve the Cromer, so had Henry Jo and his followers, and the 6 were quickly taken hostage. Yunho got word of this and went to save them, followed by his brother. As the two raced to the scene, Yunho’s brother was once again lost in a car crash. With this, Yunho finally made his choice and, with his group of biker friends, went to save the group. The bikers surrounded the place, and as Henry Jo realized what was going on amongst the revving of engines and yelling of his followers, Woyoung grabbed the Cromer and turned it.

7 Yeosang was trapped in the other dimension, in a similar glass prison to before. He was surrounded by the bodies of Black Pirates, their biological energy drained, black sheets covering them. As Yeosang stood trapped, a trumpet sounded from somewhere in the gallery. There was banging and yelling. Then the door opened and a Man in Black approached Yeosang. As the man removed his mask, Yeosang finally felt relief. It was Seonghwa.

8 In their hideout, a small signal came over the machine with what was left of the Black Pirates. Morse core reading ‘SAY MY NAME. ATEEZ’.

9 Time progresses, and ATEEZ begins reuniting the original Men in Fedoras, culminating in the two groups finally meeting face to face for the first time. But the Android Guardians are hot on their trail, determined to finally crush this rebellion.
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