The Bugs Book


2022.02.19 By AtinyAcademy

What is Bugs?

Bugs is a korean music streaming platform, with its weightage for charting there split to 80% downloads and 20% streams. To support downloads, streaming is also necessary here. All thats needed is a Bugs account and a streaming pass.

Digital points gathered through Bugs will be used for the following music shows: Show Champion, The Show, Music Bank and Music Show.
The Show and Music Show gather the points from the GAON chart, not directly from bugs.
To be eligible for nomination for Music Bank, the song needs to enter Bugs/Genie/Melon/Flo TOP200 weekly chart. text inside of a div block.
Easiest platform to get access to and participate with
Accounts can be created with international phone numbers
No additional fees or third party sellers required
Easier to chart with a proper amount of streamers
Even though we cannot expect high digital points in music shows when focussing on Bugs, combined with others scores like prevoting, physicals and SNS (youtube streams) we can get nominated in four music shows (The Show, Show Champion, Music Bank and Music Show) and get wins there if we perform well.

On top of that, even if you cannot purchase a pass yourself (i.e. for money reasons) you can still create 3 bugs accounts with one phone number and donate them to our korean fanbase @ATEEZstrm for them to do the downloads with those.

Bugs Charts

The for us important Bugs charts consist of the following:

Real time chart

Songs that are charting in any given hour. It updates hourly (except between 1:00-6:59AM KST as the chart is “frozen” then).
Streams, Unique listeners and Downloads all affect the real time chart and chart position is determined relative to other songs on the chart (how many streams, ULs and downloads they are receiving compared to our song for example)

Daily chart

The daily chart is updated once a day at 12pm KST. It shows the songs that charted consistently well the previous day.

Weekly chart

The weekly chart is updated once a week on mondays at 12pm KST. It shows the songs that charted consistently well the previous week.
The daily and weekly charts are what is important for digital points for music shows! Music shows have several different criterias, and all of them do use genie charts for their point aggregation.


You can easily create accounts yourself. To do so, a phone number is required (it doesn’t even need to be a korean one, unlike for other platforms). There is no other verification required.

With one phone number you can create up to 3 Bugs accounts. Please keep one for yourself if you ever intent on streaming with bugs and donate the others to @Ateezstrm!


Those that want to purchase a pass through google play or iOS will only have the unlimited mobile passes available. So they cannot be used to stream through a web player/browser.

Unlimited passes

You can compare this pass the best with a spotify premium subscription or AppleMusic subscription. It basically means you can stream as much as you want for the validity of the pass (which is 30 days). In the best case you even have a spare device that can run the playlist 24/7 during streaming periods!

There’s also an option to select the premium unlimited streaming available on iOS but that will only give you FLAC quality streaming which is not mandatory or more beneficial towards charting than a regular unlimited streaming pass.

For both, iOS and Google Play purchase there’s also a monthly subscription available, though it is a bit cheaper we do not recommend to get it, since a comeback doesn't happen every month and some even had issues with purchasing it.




We highly recommend and encourage each Atiny to save up and think of buying an account/streaming pass as a necessary part of their comeback budget. Depending on your region and currency, the cost of a pass should be around $9 USD and considering Ateez has a comeback 2-3x per year, every Atiny should try their absolute best to save up at least $18-$27 USD/year for streaming on bugs. Breaking it into smaller, more manageable amounts over several months in preparation is much less financially burdensome than trying to come up with the money all at once, so we encourage Atiny to start saving now.
If you cannot purchase your passes through the app itself, or want to have a pass that allows you to stream in browser too, you can also reach out to merchants on twitter.
Recommended merchants on twitter

How to buy a pass on iOS and Android

Note for iOS: For you to be able to purchase a pass, you will need to have a payment option set up for the AppleID you are using.