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About the charts

World Album Chart
The best performing foreign-language / International albums in the US/PR.
World Digital Song Sales
Foreign Language / International Songs with the most digital sales in the US/PR.
Emerging Artists
Based on sales, streaming, and radio play for Artists who do not have a Top 25 entry in Top charts (All genres).
Heatseekers Albums
Only for artists who have not reached the Top 100 on Billboard 200 (All genres).
Top Albums Sales
Top Selling Albums in given a week across all genres.
Digital Song Sales
Top Selling Digital Songs across all genres.
Streaming Songs
The songs with the highest streams in the US/PR.
Billboard 200
The albums with the best sales and online streaming across all genres
Global 200
The songs with the best sales and online streaming across all genres and around the world.
Global 200 Excluding US
The songs with the best sales and online streaming across all genres and around the world excluding the US/PR.
Hot 100
The songs with the best sales, online streaming and radio play in the US/PR across all genres.

Purchasing Rules

Who can buy?
  • Atinys living in USA / Puerto Rico
  • Atiny who have an USA/PR payment method.
  • If a US citizen buys a song on iTunes in Canada, it will count for sales in Canada and not for sales in the US.
Who cannot buy?
  • Atinys NOT living in USA / Puerto Rico
  • Atinys without an USA/PR payment method.
  • Using VPN won't work.
  • Without VPN, your order will count successfully for the country you are in, but with VPN, your order will be rendered invalid.

Note that...

For physical albums, the rule also exists where you can only buy 4 copies of the album. You must have a unique name, shipping and billing address, as well as unique cards. Please refrain from purchasing multiple albums using the same information as this will be invalid.

Tracking Week

Eastern Standard Time
Friday 12AM EST to Thursday 11:59PM EST
Korean Standard Time
Saturday 1PM KST to Friday 12:59PM KST

Approved Platforms

Digital Purchasing

Amazon Download Store
(PC only)
Tidal Download Store
(PC only)

Physicals Purchasing

Why we recommend Hello82
Hello82 partnered with KQ Entertainment as a distributor for their albums, particularly for Fever Part. 3 and Season Songs.
They are Billboard approved and worked on special US photocards as a benefit given to purchasers.
Hello 82 has confirmed that the sales made from their store will reflect on Billboard 200 Chart, Hanteo Chart and Gaon Chart.
Other stores are currently third-party distributors with no clear or direct answers whether it benefits to Hanteo and Gaon
Hello82 WebsiteATEEZ US Official Store


Some radio stations look at Shazam numbers to determine buzz around songs and may add songs with good Shazam numbers. Spotify and other music platforms also look at Shazam numbers for determining playlisting as well. Getting Ateez onto big playlists helps with exposing more people to Ateez. (From WatersOnAir on Twitter, an American Radio DJ).
Radio Stations look at TikTok views/videos of a sound to see what new songs are buzzing in the US. Many popular TikTok songs also become big radio hits and see high sales from their performance on TikTok. When making videos on TikTok, always be sure to include the official Ateez sounds in your videos. (From WatersOnAir on Twitter, an American Radio DJ)

billboard 200

Estimated Reach
  • 6K units for debut
  • 10K units for a Top 100 performance
How are Radio Playlists tracked?
Radio Plays are tracked by impressions. Impressions are how many listeners were tuned in every 15 minutes to any particular radio station. This means if Ateez is played in the middle of the night, they will not get as many impressions versus if they were played in the morning as listeners have the radio on while on their way to work or school.For Billboard Radio Charting, only commercial radio stations from 130 biggest cities are counted.
Recommended Radio Stations
MASTERLIST of stations who have played Kpop Artists in the past where you can request ATEEZ songs to be played. View documente here.

Document created by @AdjPoppy @usa_ateez
How to help (USA/PR)
Buy Hello 82 Albums
  • Units purchased according to the rules will count towards Billboard 200.
  • Make sure to only buy 4 copies per name and card.
  • There is also a HELLO82 Exclusive Benefit photocards that are randomly placed INSIDE the album!
  • You can also purchase your albums through the ATEEZ Official US Store here.
Buy from Indie Stores
  • All units will count towards the Billboard charts
  • Make sure to only buy 4 copies per name and card
Indie Stores
  • Oppang - Raleigh, NC
  • Mandu Kpopstore - NYC, NY
  • Saranghello - San Francisco, NY
  • Kpopstore in USA - Atlanta GA
  • Kpopstore in USA - Atlanta GA
  • VT - Carrolton - Dallas, TX
  • Evepink - Houston, TX
  • Pinkbeat Kpop - Yuma - AZ
How to help (Non USA/PR)
Donate funds
  • @USA_ATEEZ (Twitter) - iTunes and Amazon digital purchases
  • There is also a HELLO82 Exclusive Benefit photocards that are randomly placed INSIDE the album!
Ask a friend in USA
  • Ask for assistance to purchase albums using their US payment and address.
  • Do NOT use foreign methods or attempt to purchase and ship to your own country. This will NOT count.
  • Spreading the word is key.
  • We need to let everyone know that charting on Billboard 200 is possible!


Billboard 200 relies on PHYSICAL and STREAMING units of an album. The more album units streamed and sold, the higher our charting position can be.
  • The chart is relative to new releases and artist popularity. There is no definite number of units to chart, but it will always depend on whoever released for a certain tracking week, as well as the current artists that are still charting.
  • There are several Kpop artists that charted above Top 20 this year (2022), and their units are as follows:
    #1 - 100-300K Pure Sales
    #7 - 42-52K Pure Sales
  • Artists who have pure sales were also backed with MILLIONS of streams. An average of 4 million streams on top of the physical and digital sales.
  • Billboard 200 chart also gives importance to longevity. Albums can chart several weeks within Top 200.