(Mobile Ver.)

1. Click the three lines on the top left corner.

2. Top most button is LOGIN/NEW ACCOUNT Registration.

3. Create a new account.

4. To register, follow the screenshot with translations for guidance.

Guide by @ateez_japan_fb

Purchasing (Desktop Ver.)

NOTE: We recommend downloading the song AFTER purchase. Recochoku chart is based on downloads.
After downloading, delete the file from your downloads folder (browser/device)

1. Look for the title by using the search bar.

2. Select song of choice.

3. You can either purchase the entire album or just selected songs.

4. Afterwards, it will redirect you to payment. Select your payment method and scroll all the way to the bottom and click the pink button.

5. Input your information, and click the black button to purchase.


1. Find the button on the top right corner.

2. Click the download icon as shown on the screenshot.

3. Look for the track you have purchased and download.

Guide by @ateez_japan_fb