about us

What is The ATINY Fellowship?

The Atiny Fellowship consists of three sub teams that work independently with their assigned roles to hopefully help strengthen the foundation of the fandom and the success of ATEEZ. These three teams have overlapping admins that lead Atiny Fellowship, these admins then disseminate the tasks or projects that have been discussed to the sub teams which are Atiny Network, Ateez System, and ATEEZ_SMA.

These are our roles

ATINY Network
ATEEZ System
Tutorials & Guides
Research & Testing

The ATINY Guild

The Atiny Guild is a collaboration of fanbases working together to promote and plan projects for the support of @ATEEZofficial.

We work together to brainstrom, research, organize, plan, create, distribute and promote projects that are created by a fanbases or as a team.

As a collective, we promised to do our very best to work together with honesty, integrity and transparency in supporting both the efforts of Atiny as fans and the success of ATEEZ as a group.

You may have seen some of our joint projects on the timeline including:
KJK x ATEEZ Collaboration Project, Digiteez Project, Pepsi Summer Taste Project, and the Fever Part 3 promotions. We hope that you have enjoyed them so far and we will continue to work together to create similar projects in the future.

Atiny Guild also doubles as the name of our discord in which we have gathered fanbases and Atinys who have applied to be in the server to collaborate ideas and suggestion, in which we move forward to creating meaningful and effective plans. We will work together so we can do our very best for the boys and expand our reach to provide the support and dedication that they deserve.

We thank each and everyone of you for your support and let's get all hands on deck and support ATEEZ together!