Apple Music

Streaming Guide

If you have purchased ATEEZ's new song on iTunes but will also stream on Apple Music, delete the song download from your library until a (+) sign shows up next to it to make sure your Apple Music stream will count.
You can add the song to a focused playlist after every 1-2 songs. You can also add music videos.
If you stream on Apple Music, remember to NOT stream the songs from your library because it won't be counted.
Volume must be 50% or higher.
Listen to their songs from big curated playlists.
Do NOT mute the platform. You can mute your computer or use your earphones.
You can interact with the platform occasionally by skipping a song, pausing and unpausing the playlist to avoid bot behavior.
Share the song for more unique listeners.

More Information:

Purchasing the song is important to make it chart higher in iTunes Singles Chart. After purchasing the song from iTunes, you have to remove it from your Apple Music Library before streaming it.
You can use two separate IDs for each platform.
The app needs to be opened for the video to playStreams from uniques listeners are less likely to be filtered.
Apple music is a paid platform. If you cannot afford a subscription, free trials are available.
You can download apple music for android or use it through iTunes desktop or web player (MUSIC.APPLE.COM).


Apple Music is only for streaming the song, not downloading. To download the song, you need to do it on iTunes and it will automatically be synced to your apple music account.