Naver TV

Sign Up
1.) Go to "Please Log In"
2.) Join with any social media account
3.) Create an username
4.) Click Start NAVER


  • Search and stream the video manually.
  • Stream other short videos in between the main streaming link.
  • Clear cache every 30 min for both Naver web and app user.
  • Take a break in between you streams.
  • Suggestion: You can continously switch from Youtube to Naver, and so on.


  • Do NOT put the video on loop.


Find the 로그인 button on the top right corner of the site and follow the same steps shown above.
- All the Do's above will prevent us from getting IP limit on Naver.

- Two previous experiments have shown that putting the video on loop is NOT effective.

Streaming Settings

- Video quality: above 480p
- Sound volume: 50% or above (don't mute)
- Don't pause or skip