Sign up

1. Download and install the Renaissance App.

2. Log in with your Spotify account.

3. Add a referral code to earn extra stars.


1. Start streaming on Spotify to earn stars on Renaissance.

2. Stars are rewards that can be used to win prizes on Renaissance.
- You can earn 5 stars every day, 1 star for every 20 songs you stream. You must listen to the entire song for it to count towards getting stars-
- Stars can also be earned by completing the daily adventures


1. Click on the leaderboard icon to see the leaderboard where you can find the top 100 most streamed artists every month.

2. Click on the headphones icon to look for Ateez streaming parties.

3. You can also create your own streaming party.

4. You can find your own streaming info by clicking the profile icon in the bottom right and clicking the ‘my streams’ icon.