Streaming Guide

What is shazam?
shazam is a music discovery app to identify the songs you are listening to.

Why is shazam important?
Shazam is widely used as an indicator of the popularity of a song by radio stations.More shazams means more popularity and helps influence the song's radio play.

How to?
1.) Install shazam app on android or IOS.
2.) Play ATEEZ songs.
3.) Open the app and do not log in.
4.) Press once on the shazam button and let the apps listen to the song OR Long press for auto-shazam (easy shazam while streaming on playlist).


1 shazam is counted every 24 hours.
Clear data for multiple shazams within 24 hours.
Available only on Android.
Go to: Settings > Apps > Shazam > Storage > Clear data > Ok.

Shazam with
Snapchat guide

1.) Install Snapchat on android or IOS.
2.) Open the app and follow the instructions to sign up for an account. (Email and mobile number required).
3.) Play ATEEZ's song.
4.) Go to 'Camera' and long press on screen identify song.
5.) OR go to 'Scan', Scroll to the music button and long press on screen to identify the song.

- Shazams with Snapchat counts in addition to Shazams with Shazam app.