Please keep in mind that:
YouTube's algorithm is only
known by YouTube itself.

Here are some important points that people often miss.

1) Youtube is a video-sharing platform
This is a place to share VIDEOS with others. It is mostly used to post official music videos and other ATEEZ content.
2) YouTube is especially important for exposure.
YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular platforms in the world, so we must utilize it well to promote ATEEZ. So, trending a video in your country = free promo and advertising it to your country's netizens. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
3) YouTube has their own special way to count their video views.
YouTube employs its own computers to control a counting system (calculator). So, they developed their own calculation, and YouTube will use that algorithm to count every single megabyte of internet used to stream a video. This is known as the YOUTUBE ALGORITHM. So far, no one knows anything about their algorithm yet as it's been one of YouTube's best kept secrets.

What should we do then?

From what we've gathered and experienced before, when a video on YouTube gets 300k views in a short period of time, or when people crowd on a video's traffic within 24 hours straight without resting, their calculator would suddenly get flagged with so many traffics from so many people, that's when they usually start becoming suspicious and freezes or pauses the views to check the credibility of the view count. The quantity of views that appear to be "bot-like" is usually deleted. As a result, learning how to stream like a 'human' is crucial.

When streaming using multiple devices:

Youtube counts ONE stream per IP address, meaning that if you stream the same video on multiple devices at the same time it will still count as ONE stream. How to avoid this? If the streaming is being done from multiple phones, each phone should be using it’s own mobile data. Using multiple phones and a computer? Each phone should use it’s own mobile data while the computer can be connected to a wifi source. When using a tablet and a computer, you can connect the tablet to a phone’s mobile data while the computer can use the wifi connection.

What is an IP Address?

Your public IP address is the main IP address to which your home or business network is connected. This IP address connects you to the world, and it's unique for all users.

What are low-quality playbacks?

What Youtube refers as “low-quality playbacks” is to the way a video is being streamed. Using multiple devices with the same IP Address to watch the same video are examples of low-quality playbacks.

Correct stream

  • Open the YouTube platform from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, computer, or even from your Smart TV.
  • Make sure the " autoplay " option is disabled.
  • Manually search for the title of the video, do not play it if it appears on the main YouTube page.
  • Click on the official video. Verify that it is the correct channel, otherwise, you could be giving "views" to false channels.
  • Like, comment, subscribe and share the video on all your social media. This is to help with engagement, as well as the stats of the video.
  • Make sure the video is of a quality higher than 480p.
  • Watch the video from beginning to end, without pausing it and without speeding it up or down.
  • Later watch about 4 or 5 different videos, either by the same artist or a totally different theme.
  • You need to watch at least 15-30 minutes worth of video content before going back to the same video.


  • Do not mute the youtube player. Volume can be <50% if needed.
  • Do not cycle through the same set of videos as a filler. Make sure to use different videos when streaming.
  • Do not use playlists.
  • Do not watch at a higher speed.
  • Do not use VPN
  • Do not mute the video. You can mute your device, however the youtube player itself must not be muted.
  • Do NOT stop streaming when the views "freeze". The view count will freeze from time to time but you can keep streaming!


When we stream ATEEZ on YouTube, the list of videos on the YouTube recommendations page is likely generated by an algorithm, which is why the suggestion page is full of K-pop videos. Our objective is to sort it out such that an ATEEZ M/V recommends another ATEEZ M/V rather than other groups. Things that could boost an M/V to enter people's recommendations page.

1) How long you watch the video.
2) Interacting with the video (pausing and replaying your favorite part)
3) Re-streaming.
4) Subscribing / adding it to a playlist or liking the video.
5) Sharing on all SNS Platforms!

YouTube Premium

- You can sign up for a FREE TRIAL for YouTube Premium. Just remember to cancel it before you're charged when the trial is over!

- If you've already used YouTube premium on one email, you can make a new email and sign up for it again.

Benefits of
YouTube premium

There are many benefits to a YouTube Premium account that will greatly improve our fandom's performance in streaming. We want to make every view count!

- Don't have to watch ads.
- Streams are less likely to be filtered out.
- Background Play: you can play videos while using other apps or while your screen is off.
- During comebacks, streams from Premium accounts are weighted more than free accounts for Billboard.

cr: @atystream