Sign up

1. Download the application
Available for Android and IOS.

2. Sign in with your preferred social media
Sign in or sign up with Google, Facebook, Kakaotalk, or LINE.

3. Follow the steps
- You will be guided accordingly by the application, follow the steps and don't forget to agree to all of the terms and conditions by ticking all of the boxes.
- Once you're done agreeing to all the terms, click “Next Step” to proceed.

4. Add your recommender
Feel free to add ATEEZsystem or ateezpirateship as your recommender to gain additional hearts.

All about Hearts

In Choeaedol there are two (2) types of hearts
1.) Daily Hearts
- Daily hearts reset after 11:59 pm KST everyday.
2.) Ever Hearts
- Ever hearts  don't expire and don't reset unless
the app or account is disabled.

Earn Daily Hearts

Daily Hearts
1. Open the app everyday.
- You can earn hearts just by daily attendance.

2. Heart Box
- It consists of a heart that is attached to a picture on the community, click on the heart until there is nothing left (5 times per 4 hours) and watch ads in between to get 5 more heart boxes.
- You can open up more heart boxes every 4 hours.

3. Post Photos
- Post high quality photos (must use Photo aspect ratio 1:1 Square) to get 100 hearts.
- Post Youtube / Vlive / Naver URLs on ATEEZ's community to get 100 hearts.
- If someone has posted the same photo or URL as you, you may not receive hearts. Please try again with a different photo/URL.

4. CHECK IN during hot times and do the same steps again
- Hot times are at 8pm kst - 11:30 pm kst. Open the app between this time to receive 30 extra hearts

Earn Ever Hearts

Ever Hearts
1. Watch ads
- You can watch ads on the "Refill Heart" section to get 40 ever hearts.
- 5x ads per 30 minutes.

2. Complete Missions
- Go to the "Store" and do missions or Tapjoy offers to get hearts in return.

3. Purchase Hearts
- Make an in app purchase.

4. Voting Reward
- You will receive 10% of your hearts back by voting on posts on ATEEZ's page. You will receive 20% of your hearts back by voting on your OWN posts on ATEEZ's page.
- Use your daily hearts this way to receive ever hearts in return.

For Extra Hearts
Change Your Language to:

1) English: 150 + 100 hearts
2) Korean: 400 hearts
3) Traditional Chinese: 100 hearts
4) Japanese

- Go to the "Heart Refill" section and click on the provided link to get hearts according to the languages you've picked!