Sign up

1. Download the application
Available for Android and IOS.

2. Folow the steps
- Sign in with preferred SNS.
- Agree to the term and conditions.
- Put your nickname.
- Select your interested artist(ATEEZ).
- Choose your preferred language.
- Enter your birthday.
- Done!

Get gold hearts

Go to the store icon

- You can complete missions and earn gold hearts.

2. Watch ads

- 1 ad = 20 gold hearts.
- 100 gold hearts = 1 vote.

You can cast only 10 votes per day per account.


Go to vote tab

Make sure you're voting on the Main category.
2. select the amount of votes you want to cast
3. Done!

Get coupons

1. Idol Champ App
- You can exchange red chamsims for SMA coupons.
- After you exchange them you have to check your box where your coupon code will be available.

2. Whosfan App
- Same process from Idol Champ!

3. Entering coupon codes on Fancast
- This section is where you enter the code you got on either Idol Champ or Whosfan.

Gift hearts

1. Go to My Page
2. Click Hearts
3. Enter the username and number of hearts you want to gift.

Things to note

- Before watching ads you will be requested to enter a PIN which the app will ask you to make when you watch an ad for the first time.
- For SMA only gold hearts are needed.
- Gold heart purchase is no longer available on the app. You can only purchase the BONUS PACK which will give you gold hearts AND grey hearts (we can't vote with grey hearts).