Sign up

1. Download the application
Available for Android and IOS.

2. Folow the steps
- Sign in with preferred SNS.
- Agree to the term and conditions.
- Put your nickname.
- Select your favourite stars (ATEEZ).
- Fill in the information about yourself (optional).
- Use ‘ateezsystem’ as referrer ( can be added within 3 days).
- Add phone number authentication (required).

Get votes Pt.1

1. Sending votes
- Go to ‘ Friends’ and Send Votes to your Friends (max 50 friends, up to 3x/day).

- Make sure to claim your votes sent from Friends in MAIL BOX

3. Watch ads

- 1 ad = 45 Votes, up to 30 ads per day = MAX 450 votes daily.
- 5 ads can be watched per hour.

4. Complete Missions
- Doing surveys is recommended.

Get votes Pt.2

5. Purchase votes
- You can exchange CASH for voting ticket ( go to ‘VOTE’ and exchange it at ‘ Item Shop’ then claim it on ‘BAG).

6. Confirm fan photos
- Confirm other fan's photos on the Photos page.

Get cash

1. Attendance check
- Daily attendance.

2. Invite friends
- Invite a friend to sign up in the app. If they enter your nickname when registering their account for the first time, both of you will get 500 Cash.

3. Do missions

Things to note

- Cash EXPIRES 1 year after it is received.
- Voting Tickets EXPIRE 90 days after it is received.
- Voting Tickets bought with Cash EXPIRE 1 year after purchase.
- Voting Tickets from daily attendance EXPIRE 23:59:59 KST each day.