Sign up

1. Change the language by clicking the globe icon.

2. Sign Up by clicking the profile icon and JOIN.

3. Fill up the required information and click the JOIN button at the bottom.

4. A message is going to pup up saying the sign up is complete, click OK then you can log in normally.

Get Hearts

1. Click the heart icon
Reward you can get:
- Watch Youtube videos
- Follow Instagram accounts
- Subscribe to their channel
- NOTE: Mostly social media missions for you to complete and get hearts!

2. Charging
You can purchase hearts here.

3. Gift
You can give hearts to a friend, just make sure to enter the correct nickname!

Log Out

1. Click the profile icon.

2. Click the settings icon.

3. Click the LOG OUT button at the bottom.

Inkigayo Hotstage

1. Click on the ‘SBS Inkigayo Vote Hotstage’ .

2. Select the broadcast happening that week.

3. Select Ateez and confirm your vote.

4. Hot stage voting starts Sunday, 6:00 PM KST and ends Wednesday, 6:00 PM KST.

5. Voting starts after the Inkigayo broadcast for that week ends and the winner is announced at the next live Inkigayo broadcast.

6. The vote status and vote count will not be shown from Monday, 6:00 PM KST to Wednesday, 6:00 PM KST. The winner will be announced live. You can still vote during this time.

7. You can vote up to 5 times per account (150 hearts).