Idol Champ

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1. Download the application
- Available for Android and IOS.

2. Sign in with your preferred social media
- Sign in or sign up with Google, Facebook, or Kakaotalk.

3. Follow the steps
- Don't forget to agree to all of the terms and conditions by ticking all of the circles. You must also pass the captcha! The application will guide you.

4. Choose your Idol and your Bias!
- You can choose up to three (3) idols and only one (1) bias.
- That way you will get all notifications from the groups or idols you chose.


1. Time Chamsims (Blue Hearts)
Only available by the end of the monthExpires every FIRST day of the following monthUsed for: Voting, quizzes, live streaming, chart rankings and fandom ad support.

2. Ruby Chamsims (Red Hearts)
It does not expire and it is available any time.Used for: Voting, quizzes, polls, chart rankings, fandom ad support, SMA and TMA.

3. Star Chamsims (Yellow Stars)
Used for: Donations under the name of your favorite idol to Korean Animal Right Advocate (KARA).

Earn Chamsims

1. Time Chamsims (Blue Hearts)
- Attendance per day = 10 hearts
- Write comments on a poll = 20 hearts
- Post on Community = 20 hearts for the first post
- Like 30+ comments on community = 20 hearts
- Solve quizzes 

2. Ruby Chamsims (Red Hearts)
- Attendance per day
- Watch ads = 4 rubies
- Missions (Tapjoy)
- Solve quizzes
- Purchase chamsims

3. Star Chamsims (Yellow Stars)
- Watch ads - maximum of 10 ads per day, 10 stars in total.
You can exchange stars for rubies.