Mnet World

Sign up

1. Go to

2. Click the profile icon on the top right.

3. Click ‘sign up’.

4. Accept the required terms and conditions and click ‘next’.

5. Create an account using an email address and create a password. Then click ‘send code’.

6. Once you see this confirmation check your email.

7. Type in the verification code given through your email and click ‘sign up’.

8. Next you will be joining the community you want to vote in. NOTE: you must join a community to be able to vote in it.

Click ‘go to service main’.

Join Community and voting

1. Scroll down until you find the Mcountdown section and click on it.

2. Click the yellow ‘join’ button in the top right.

3. Create an Mcountdown profile.

4. Once your profile has been set up you will get a message that you have joined the Mcountdown community.

5. To vote check the ‘now’ section to see all the voting polls that are currently open and click on the one you would like to participate in.

Log out

1. To log out click on the ‘Mcountdown’ in the top left.

2. Once you get back to the homepage click the profile icon in the top right.

3. Next, click on the arrow in the top right.

4. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘log out’.