Star Planet
(Ex Starpass)

Sign up

1. Download the application
Available for Android and IOS.

2. Sign in with your preferred method
- Sign in or sign up with Google, Kakao, WeChat, or PASSIKEY.
- Brand new accounts are rewarded 100 Heart Jelly.

3. Set your “My Star” to ATEEZ:
- Go to the Menu Bar and go to My Star and click 'edit.'
- Click on 'ATEEZ' under 'Male Artist.'
- Select one of the members.

How to Log out

1) Go to settings > apps > system apps settings > look for STARPASS > clear data.
2) Hold the app > app info > clear data.
Note: Methods to clear app data may differ between Android phones.

1) You can just put it in airplane mode and it'll automatically log you out. If it didn't work, uninstall and reinstall.

Get Heart Jellies

1. Watching ads has been temporarily removed from the apps' system starting June 16th 2021. Heart Jellies may be obtained by:
- Completing Tapjoy or Buzzvil missions.
- Purchasing Star Jelly which can then be converted to Heart Jelly.
- 1 Star Jelly = 2 Heart Jelly
- Star Jellies do not expire while Heart Jellies will expire.

Things to note

- Heart Jelly expire on the 16th of every month (4 am KST.)
- Early Voting is unlimited
- Each voting token costs 100 Heart Jelly.
- Live voting costs 500 Heart Jellies (5 votes) so please make sure you save some!