HMA Voting

1. Voting
- Go to the voting tab.
- Look for the HMA banner.
- Check in daily to get your free voting tickets.
- Scroll down and look for the 'Global Artist Award' banner.
- Vote for ATEEZ.

2. Exchange voting tickets
- You can exchange credits for voting tickets.

Sign up

1. Download the application
- Available for Android and IOS.

2. Sign in with your preferred social media
- Click "Please login in".
- You can choose any SNS platform you want to sign in to.

3. Follow the steps
- You will be guided accordingly by the application, follow the steps and don't forget to agree to all of the terms and conditions by ticking all of the boxes.

4. Follow ATEEZ on whosfan
- Search for "ATEEZ" or "에이티즈" and choose the ATEEZ logo and click “Follow”.

5. Add your reference code
- You can input a referral code from another ATINY or your own referral code(if you have multiple accounts).

Collect Credits and Star Points Pt.1

1. Daily Login
- By logging in daily, you will be able to receive +100 credit. If you sign up for the first time, you receive 400 credits (from sign up + login).

2. Watch ads
- You receive 10 credits/ad (max 10 ads per hour, 240 ads per day)

1) Click the star button.
2) Click the Store.
3) Choose "Free Charging" and tap the "watch the video" button.

3. Read Articles
- You’ll be given +5 credits when you read articles. You can read as many articles as much as possible.

1) Open My Page and choose Following Stars.
2) Click 에이티즈.
3) Click NEWS and open an article.
4) Scroll down until the Add Points shown in pink colour.
5) Click Add Points, choose ATEEZ and Add Points.

4. Authenticate an Album
- You’ll get +200 Credits and +100 on your Star Chart.

1) Click the barcode scan.
2) And, follow the instructions from the ticket.

Collect Credits and Star Points Pt.2

5. Enter Reference Code
- You can earn +200 credits when you enter a referral code.

1) Click "Edit Profile".
2) Input the code inside of Reference Code and click Enter.

6. Subscribe to Newsletter
- You can earn +300 credits when you subscribe to the newsletter.

1) Scroll down and click "Newsletter".
2) Input your email & click Verify.
3) Check your email, click the link to verify email address.
4) If it shows a popup in Korean, click 앱이세 보기 & it will lead you to the app.

7. Collect Stamps by writing posts
- You will get +500 credits for each stamp you collect.

1) Click Memo and write your post.
2) Write your post as much as possible.
3) If you post 10 times, you finished 1 stamp and will receive credit +500.
4) Max posts is 900 times.

8. Collect Stamps by sharing your referral code
- You can receive +200 credits every time your referral code has been used.

1) Every account has its own referral code.
2) Share referral code with ATINYs and if they redeem your code, you will receive 1 stamp & 200 credits.
3) You will receive a stamp depending on how many people redeem your code.